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National Campaign to Advance Infrastructure

Summary of Work

The P2 principals are running a national coalition to advance infrastructure on behalf of a non-profit. This non-profit came to us needing to educate and activate the public on a wide-ranging regulatory update. This rule change would affect a broad swath of industries across all fifty states. There was a public comment period, but it would only be open for a few weeks. During that period, this non-profit asked us to collect messages from Americans of all walks of life.

Explaining to an audience everything this rule change would affect would be mind-melding. But our team of communications specialists know that explaining just the part that affected a given industry was engaging. So we ran six separate advocacy campaigns, each one tailored to a different audience (unions, farmers, construction workers, etc.).

To make sure we were reaching the right people with the right message, we used an extra survey layer of ads to confirm that they were our target audience before we started to pitch them. We didn’t just guess if we were talking to a union household – we asked! Once confirmed, we ran them through a specialized content funnel, directing them to an easy to use DriveAction page with matching creative.

Our Team Got Results

Our highly targeted, highly contextual series of campaigns resulted in nearly doubling our target number of comments. We generated over 510,000 comments, exceeding our goal by 210,000.

Additionally, by broadening our audience net and using the best acquisition tools on the market, we were able to drive down costs by more than 50% for our client, all while exceeding their goal.

But we didn’t just get more messages, we got better messages. Because each campaign spoke to the needs of a specific group of users, the comments harmonized, rather than blasted in union.

This gave rulemakers exactly what they were looking to see during a comment campaign period: a varied perspective from citizens on their proposed rule change.